Syromould develops materials that combine the versatility and ease of manufacture of plastics with the rigidness and durability of ceramics. Syromould is based at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, home to a community of groundbreaking companies in the field of smart materials.

It is Syromould’s mission to fill the gap between plastics and (technical) ceramics. While plastics are great materials that are easy to process and can be used for a lot of applications, there are a number of limitations with regards to properties like heat resistancy and flammability. Ceramics in this regard are very high-end materials but are difficult to manufacture and often very expensive. It is Syromould’s vision that there is room for new materials that can be used to make existing products with demanding properties in a more economical way - paving the road for making new products for new applications.

Our Partners

Syromould works with the following partners: